Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jeff 2 Mice 2

Well, it's a slow hunt, but Jeff has gotten two mice now.  Amazing how when he tells the story, his chest seems bigger!!!  Last weekend, when he closed the hood of the tractor to pull it out of the shed, a mouse dropped to the floor from the engine compartment.  Jeff gave it a kick as it ran and it ducked under the plywood ramp at the doorway.  Jeff pulled the tractor out of the shed and went about hooking things up.  During this time, one of the dogs was sniffing and digging at the ramp.  Duh!  The mouse ran under there!  The insistent digging continued for so long, I pulled the ramp aside to find.......a flat mouse!  He ran for cover, only to be squished by the tractor's weight!!!! Jeff 1 Mice 2.
This weekend Jeff went to the farm alone.  He had his traps loaded and set and when he checked, one was sprung but no mouse was in it!  But there was a dead mouse under the tractor!  Jeff 2 Mice 2.  I don't know what happens in that shed when we're not there, but it's weird.  I'll be glad when all the holes are closed up and we don't have to worry about this anymore!
Some farmer I'm gonna be when I don't even like killing mice!  What will I do when my hens quit laying and Jeff wants to cook them?  I'll be buying eggs at the store and putting them under the hens!!!!  I hate to see things die.  Why am I not a vegetarian???????